We’re the team

enabling the next generation
of distributed re/staking

Our globally distributed team of professionals are pushing the boundaries of DV technology for the future of Ethereum

Build the foundation for a truly decentralized Ethereum

SSV Network distributed validator infrastructure establishes a new standard for staking by providing a permissionless and decentralized platform to develop the next go-to applications and tooling for the staking industry.

SSV.Labs – Where Passion Meets Code

Like our infra, we are globally distributed, innovative, and dependable. Our team is a community of skilled developers, researchers, and ETH enthusiasts who want to ensure Ethereum becomes fail-proof for many years to come.

Guardians of Ethereum's Future

Why Join Our Team?

We are a global team seeking people with diverse professional backgrounds to join and contribute towards the company’s success. You’ll get to work in a transparent environment with the most innovative technologies, be constantly challenged and learn from like-minded professionals and leaders in the industry

If you’re motivated and hungry for success, responsible, and bold, SSV.Labs is the place for you! We encourage our people to think outside the box and have a broad enough vision to see the big picture. People who value transparency and open communication will fit right in.

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